The One Note Man is a fragment of the life of a musician that plays at the very end of the symphonic orchestra. Under-appreciated unnoticed, this percussionist often has only one note to play with his cymbals. With his brief one-note performance, he has only one chance to catch the attention of a woman among the audience he falls in love with.

Along with being responsible for the soundtrack, BRRSO musicians have appeared as actors in the movie. Directed by Dağhan Celayir, the short movie stars Şehsuvar Aktaş, Sanem Öge famous conductor Naci Özgüç.

The shooting of the movie took place between 14-18 December, 2008 at Bursa. The pre-production stage of the 14 minute long short movie lasted 3 years. More than 120 actors along with the 52 musicians of the BRRSO were used as cast. With a production budget of 89.000 TRY, this movie is the highest budget short movie in the history of Turkish cinema.

The movie was ed to be screened at the Los Angeles International Short Movie Festival among 3200 participants making it the first Turkish movie to go on to the finals. The movie was screened along with other movies directed by Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore Courteney Cox movies with stars such as Kevin Bacon, Lena Headey, Elizabeth Perkins, Isabella Rossellini, Nick Cave, Michael Stipe (R.E.M).

The One Note Man was granted awards at the 53rd Valladolid Movie Festival, Toulouse Movie Festival, Tofifest International Movie Festival the 20th Istanbul Short Movie Festival. The movie participated in 38 international movie contests came in 1st place in many of them. The movie has been awarded “Best Movie” at the 32nd Cine Elche International Movie Festival in Spain. With a history of 32 years, Cine Elche is one of Spain’s oldest movie festivals for the first time in it's history this award has been given to a country other than Spain.






2008, 53.SEMINCI Valladolid Int. Film Fest. - Spain - Special Jury Prize
2009, 32. Cine De Elche Int. Film Fest.- Spain - Best Film of the festival
2009, Sao Paulo Int. Film Fest.- Brazil- Audience Prize
2009, TOFIFEST Int. Film Fest.- Poland- Best Editing
2009, Toulouse Int. Film Fest.- France- Best 2nd Film
2009, Shorts&Shorts Int. Film Fest. - Tokyo, Japan
          Best Film, Best Actor Nomination 
2008, Silk Road Int. Film Fest., Bursa – Turkey – Best Film Prize
2008, 20. Istanbul Int. Short Film Fest. - Turkey - Special Jury Prize
2009, Izmit Int. Short Film Fest. - Turkey – Best Film Prize
2009, Sinepark Short Film Fest. - Turkey 
          Best Musical, Best Comedy, Best Actor, Best Actress 
2009, Yıldız Int. Short Film Fest. - Istanbul – Turkey – Best 2nd Film Prize
2009, Yıldız Int. Short Film Fest. - Istanbul – Turkey – Dream TV Special Jury Prize
2008, Metro Group Short Film Fest. - Istanbul, Turkey – 3rd Film Prize
2008, Akbank Int. Short Film Fest. - Turkey - Special Jury Prize
2010, March - Tiburon Int. Film Fest. - USA
2010, February - Travelling Rennes Int. Film Fest. - France
2010, January - Angers Int. Film Fest. - France - Official Selection
2009, 38th Int. Film Fest. Rotterdam - Netherlands - Official Selection
2009, December - Alicante Int. Film Fest. - Spain - Official Selection
2009, October - Osian’s Cinefan Int. Film Fest. - India
2009, October - Granada Int. Film Fest. - Spain
2009, August - Sao Paulo Int. Film Fest. - Brazil
2009, August - Los Angeles Int. Short Film Fest - USA
         (Oscar qualifier festival)
2009, August - Jecheon Int. Music Film Fest. - S. Korea - Official  Selection
2009, August - Molise Cinema Int. Film Fest. - Italy - In Competition
2009, August - Capaci Cinema Breve Int. Film Fest. - Italy - In Competition
2009, Paris Int. Film Fest. - France - Official Selection
2009, June - Shorts&Shorts Int. Film Fest. - Tokyo, Japan - In Competition
         (Oscar qualifier festival)
2009, MED Film Int. Film Fest. - Italy - In Competition
2009, Montecatini Int. Film Fest. - Italy - In Competition
2009, Istanbul Int. Film Fest. - Turkey - Hisar Short Films Selection
2009, Cyprus Int. Short Film Fest. - Cyprus
2009, Concours de Court International Film Festival - Toulouse, France
2009, Sofia Int. Film Fest. - Bulgaria - Best Balkan Films Official Selection
2009, La Cittadella del Corto Int. Film Fest. - Rome, Italy
2009, Message to Man Int. Film Fest. - St.Petersburg, Russia
2009, Mediterranean  Int. Film Fest. - Split, Croatia
2009, Antakya Int. Short Film Fest. - Turkey
2009, 14. Turkey-Germany Int. Film Fest. - Germany
2008, 53.Valladolid Int. Film Fest. - Spain
2008, Cannes Film Fest. - Short Film Corner - Screening - France
2008, Cologne Int. Short Film Fest. - Germany
2008, Sedicicorto Int. Short Film Fest. - Forli, Italy - In Competition
2008, European Film Fest. - Kars, Turkey - In Competition
2008, St. Louis Int. Film Fest - USA - In Competition. 
         (Oscar qualifier festival)
2008, 14.Drama Int. Short Film Fest. - Greece
2008, Middle East Int. Film Fest. - UAE
2008, 34. Festival Filmets Badalona - Spain
2008, Damascus Int. Film Fest. - Syria
2008, Golden Boll Int. Mediterranean Short Film Fest. - Adana, Turkey
CANAL+ SPAIN (2009-2010)
FRANCE 3 - France (2011-2013)
TVU JAPAN - Japan (2010),
BE TV - Belgium (2011-2013)