Educational Concerts


With these fundamental principles as a guide, BRSSO has been the first symphonic orchestra in Turkey to give educational symphonic concerts for young audiences their families. These concerts are a mix of theatre classical music, making the play more memorable appealing to children. Written by Hayal Şahin directed by İbrahim Şahin, Mischievous Notes was staged throughout 2008-10 exceeded all expectations with an enormous number of young music lovers. With this achievement, a second play was written by Hayal Şahin directed by İbrahim Şahin for season 2010-2011 with the name Fish Friends.

BRSSO's mission to familiarise young audiences with the orchestra, to share the excitement of music to educate while entertaining has been highly effective. These concerts have given families the opportunity to spend quality time with their children. As a prominent figure in the art life of Bursa, BRSSO has proven the value it gives to the education of children.


If you would like to participate in one of our educational concerts as a school a class, please contact us via e-mail phone.

Season 2023-2024 Educational Concerts:

22.11.2023 Wednesday 14:30
6.12.2023 Wednesday 14:30
20.12.2023 Wednesday 14:30
17.01.2024 Wednesday 14:30
14.02.2024 Wednesday 14.30
13.03.2024 Wednesday 14.30
24.04.2024 Wednesday 14:30
22.05.2024 Wednesday 14:30
28.05.2024 Tuesday 14:30
03.06.2024 Monday 14:30
04.06.2024 Tuesday 14:30
05.06.2024 Wednesday 14:30

Educational concerts are held at the Atatürk Congress Cultural Center.
For more info please contact the directorate of the orchestra via e-mail phone.