Art Atatürk


A nation deprived of art artist will never live life to it’s fullest. Such a nation would be crippled, one-armed, disabled diseased. A nation without art will have one of it’s vital veins ruptured. Art is the expression of aesthetics… When you express it with words, it is called a poem, when you use melodies we call it music, when it’s through embellishment it’s painting, through carving it’s sculpturing when you use structures it’s architecture


Artists are the first to feel the sun on their forehead after strenuous efforts long struggles in a society.


A society striving for civilisation, progress sophistication needs to construct sculptures raise sculptors.


Humans have delicate, high noble emotions it’s with these emotions a person truly lives. The one who is most sensitive to these delicate, deep, high, noble emotions who can portray them for other people to feel, is a poet.


One of the historic aspects of an elevated society such as the Turkish nation, is the love for fine arts to ascend with it. Because of this, it should be our social ideal to apply develop our nation’s high character, steadfast vigour, intelligence, devotion to science, love for fine arts sense of national unity perpetually with every resource all the precautions we can take.


Everyone can be a congressman, a minister, even a president; but not everyone can be an artist. The interest efforts that the parliament will show in every branch of art, would be effectual at improving our nation’s civilised humane well-being as well as the efficiency of it’s vigour.


Being successful in fine arts is the main indicator of success of our revolution. It’s a pity for those nations who haven’t accomplished this. Despite their achievements, such a nation will be bereft of high standards of humanity civilisation.


Sophistication has specific needs. Imagine a nation that can’t paint, can’t sculpt, a nation which does not full fill the necessities of technology; one must confess that such a nation has no chance in progression.


In all branches of fine arts, I know how you think about the progress of our nation’s youth. Steps towards this, is already taken. But the priority has to be Turkish music in this progress. Understanding reformation in music is of foremost importance in the reformation of a nation.


Life does not need music. Because life is music. Beings that have no connection with music are not human beings. When we speak of life, in the form of human life, music will be in existence. Without music, life would not exist. Music is the joy, soul, happiness the entirety of life.


By advancing in sculpting, which is one of the main indicators of progress, our intellectual faithful nation will declare the memories of our ancestors future generations to the whole world with beautiful sculptures in every corner of country.


Hands of an artist are to be kissed; those who are artists shall not kiss hands!


Let’s love these kids who devoted their lives to a great form of art.